Kernel logo not appearing on boot despite me compiling it enabled

Hi, I have a bit of a problem with my installation not showing the little penguins on boot despite me triple-checking that I enabled it before compiling. Certainly I'm missing something here, right? I checked in uname -r and it definitely is booting my custom kernel.

Thanks. <3

Please do a search on custom plymouth themes. To be usable, your new theme would have to be located at usr/share/plymouth/themes and contain both a script and a logo.

Good luck @MFHkiwi

Thank you but I was referring to the Kernel's built-in bootlogo. It displays above the boot text when enabled.

Edit: example here, this displays one penguin per thread of the CPU

I don't think your bootlogo will appear without modifying plymouth.

The kernel has a built-in boot logo that can display on boot, I specifically compiled it with that option. It has absolutely nothing to do with Plymouth because I disabled that intentionally. That is what I'm at a loss on since it should be displaying. All I can imagine is that I didn't set up some sort of framebuffer thing but I'm out of my depth when it goes past compiling the Kernel.

It sounds as if you expect the kernel logo to be displayed adjacent to a grub entry, is that correct?

If so, that is something I've not done personally and can not offer assistance on. Perhaps someone with more knowledge will help you.

All good, I can't really find much info online about the built-in function and what I have to do to make it work. I guess I'll wait, thanks anyway.