Kernel Panic after upgrade to 16.04 (R-Pi/BerryBoot)

On a Pi 3, it’s the second time i get a problem, although i don’t remember if the first time was a kernel panic too… But in both cases i used BerryBoot to install Mate 15.04 on a HDD and then upgraded. This time i got a kernel panic, and i barely installed a few packages…

I wonder if the upgrade to 16.04 could have had an incompatibility with BerryBoot on Pi…?

(Or if something else went wrong…)


Edit: i think there’s indeed a problem between Mate and BerryBoot, 'cause i can’t boot either on Raspbian installed on the same disk, i get a kernel panic too. The previous time both install failed at the same time too.

What details do you see on the kernel panic?

From the sound of things, it may be a misconfiguration where it has loaded the kernel, but can’t find the root file system.

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I couldn’t look again at the kernel panic, i’m upgrading another Mate on a SD card on the same Pi and it’s taking forever. (i think it was way faster with the HDD…)

But i’m taking a look at BerryBoot, and when looking at the config files from the boot sd card (with BerryBoot on it) by curiousity, i see

that cmdline.txt indicates :

"smsc95xx.turbo_mode=N elevator=deadline quiet bootmenutimeout=10 datadev=sdb1 sound=headphones qmap=fr"

and uEnv.txt :

"datadev=sda1 sound=headphones qmap=fr datadev=sdb1 sound=headphones qmap=fr"

What i find odd is that i have only one sdX device, which is the harddisk, so i guess the datadev (if that’s the data directory where BerryBoot puts the root filesystems) should be sda1…

And i don’t know what uEnv.txt is about, why everything is duplicated and why there is one sda1 and one sdb1.

So i’ll try to look more into this, i don’t really know how BerryBoot really work, so for now i don’t know much.
I’ll try to see if there are boot options/settings i can see from the boot menu.

i’ll post a pic of the kernel panics later when i can, thank you.

Yup, so well... i just changed the "datadev=sdb1" to sda1 and it boots...

No idea if it was changed by something, or what happened, but i guess it's fixed. (more or less?)

Thanks @lah7 for the hint ! :slight_smile:

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