Keyboard shortcut for moving window to other monitor

I am looking (without success) for a way to set up a keyboard shortcut for moving a window to another monitor in a multi-monitor setup.

Something like what ctrl + alt + shift + <left/right arrow> does for moving a window across desktops, but I would like to move across monitors rather than desktops.

Open Control Center > Hardware > Keyboard Shortcuts and take a look there, there is a long list and you can also add a command:

If I recall, the desktop in a multi-monitor environment is basically “one large workspace”, so the solution would vary on your setup and window compositor.

For Compiz, you can enable the Put plugin (from Compiz Config Settings Manager) which has a keyboard shortcut for “Put next to output”.

Thanks for the pointer to CCSM. I did try that before posting and no success. It seems the keybindings I assign to that plugin are ignored (I did enable the plugin) even after logging out and back in (and trying alternative keybindings).

Really liking Mate, and this is not a deal breaker by any stretch but something I’m just used to doing with this multi-headed setup.

On the Control Center > Hardware > Keyboard Shortcuts, I’ve used that to set other bindings, and definitely looked there for a listed one to move a window to different monitors. I didn’t think of using the custom add command route (thanks for the suggestion), which I would do but I’m at a loss for what the specific command would be to “move window to next output/monitor”.

One solution is to use this script as the new command and bind a keyboard short cut to that. Works great.


Nice one Serge, can you mark your thread as solved (assuming it is indeed solved!) so others can see your results. :smiley: