Keyboard shortcut to maximize and fullscreen window

I have an idea, what do you think about expanding actions done by default keybindings Mod4+Up and Mod4+Down now they just maximize unmaximize window.

Imagine they walking through states:
minimized <-> regular floating unmaximized <-> maximized <-> full screen
maybe add folded to window top bar (Ctrl+Alt+S - default binding) between regular and minimized.

So workflow would be open window, press mod4+up twice, now it's in fullscreen, press mod4+down makes it maximized, press mod4+down again - regular floating, press mod4+down again - minimized. I hope you get the idea.

It will be useful to reduce shortcuts needed to remember. At least it would be useful to me, what do you think?

Thanks for your time. Have a good life.

On the other hand in might be just unnecessary complication in codebase, one could have similar results binding those actions to consecutive keys like mod4+f{9,10,11}