Keyboard Shortcuts for Window Management

In Windows, Unity & Gnome, there are convenient keyboard shortcuts to manage windows, which at least I regularly use.

In Gnome and Windows:
Meta + Left/Right Arrow = Snap window left/right to fill half the screen.
Meta + Up Arrow= Maximise Window.

In Windows, Meta + Down Arrow:
If window is maximised, unmaximise.
If window is unmaximised, minimise.

In Gnome:
Meta + H = Minimise Window.

In Unity(back in '14/'15 at least):
Ctrl+Alt+Number from Numpad=Window Snaps to corner/half or toggles maximisation.

The keyboard shortcuts currently available in UM use Alt+Fx which are much more cumbersome to use as they require a hand to leave its resting position from the keyboard.
I think it would be a great improvement if these defaults were replaced with shortcuts inspired from those mentioned previously. (I don’t know if they should be added as part of UM or as part of the DE)

In my opinion these are the ideal window management shortcuts:

Meta + Left/Right Arrow = Snap window Left/Right.
Meta + Up = Maximise Window.
Meta + Down = Always minimise, irrelative of context.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 1 = Snap bottom left quarter.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 2 = Snap Bottom Half.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 3 = Snap Bottom Right Corner.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 4 = Snap Left Half.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 5 = Toggle Maximise.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 6 = Snap Right Half.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 7 = Snap Top Left Quarter.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 8 = Snap Top Half.
Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 9 = Snap Top Right Quarter.

I think this depends on the window manager. I assume you mean Super Key (WinKey) when you say Meta.

In Compiz, it’s certainly possible with CCSM (Compiz Config Settings Manager). If @Wimpy is in board, the Compiz profile can be easily tweaked to use these more “familiar” keyboard shortcuts from other environments.

A possible issue changing them is that existing users may not be happy the old combination no longer work. (To be fair, I don’t use these particular shortcuts, a poll could highlight what everybody else thinks).

I’m not sure about editing them for Marco (default) or Compton.

As a side note, the Welcome program lists the keyboard shortcuts under Getting Started, but these ought to be sorted depending on which window manager is in use. Good news is that the CTRL+ALT+Numpad is already possible (Compiz for sure).

Below is an answer from askubuntu by user @ chrki

Enabling snapping by dragging windows with your mouse:

Open the "Windows" control panel under System - Preferences - Look and Feel - Windows. Go to the tab "Placement" and check Enable side by side tiling.

Enabling snapping with keyboard shortcuts:

Open the "Keyboard Shortcuts" control panel under System - Preferences - Hardware - Keyboard Shortcuts. Assign the following keys (although there might be more of interest, depends on your personal preferences). I'm using the keybinds I'm familiar with from Windows 7/10 here, which uses the "Windows" key in combination with an arrow key (instead of Super the configuration screen might show Mod4 or similar):

Maximize Window - Super+Up
Restore Window - Super+Down
Tile window to the east (right) side of the screen - Super+Right
Tile window to the west (left) side of the screen - Super+Left

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