Kill it, kill it with fire (The Software Center that is)

What if Ubuntu MATE dropped the Software Center altogether and use a “recommended software” HTML page with simple filters and user voted content lists. We could land a Recommended Software button in the menu system to launch the browser of choice and bring you to the page.

Make it link to a Category on this site even, and use the ability to vote or leave feedback on apps to drive community membership. Each app could have it’s own Category>Recommended Software>App Name> thread. Heavily moderated of course.

Installation could be by CLI cut and paste, or by providing the user with the “app_name” and installing synaptic by default, so they can do a GUI search. Admittedly this is the in-elegant part, but I’m just riffing here :smiley:

Is it possible to initiate the package installation process by clicking on a web link?

You can install from a web browser - see

There is also an online apps directory -

I know @wimpy has talked about something similar you suggest on one of his interviews on the Linux Luddites shows. I like it however the USC is very useful for new users and I think it should stay with Ubuntu MATE. One could just remove the USC if they don’t like it and use the likes of synaptic, GDebi and the like.

I feel like this topic has been discussed over and over on the G+ community and such. I will be closing the topic.

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I’ll just abuse my super cow powers to provide a closing comment.

The Ubuntu Software Center is installed in Ubuntu MATE because inexperienced users (I’m thinking of my mum, father-in-law and wife here, who all use Ubuntu MATE) need a means of finding and installing software. Now, I completely agree that the Ubuntu Software Center is not that great, :hankey: but it does serve as a means of software discovery. If I could use App Grid I would, but I can’t.

For experienced users, you already know how to grab Synpatic and GDebi, so there is no need to install them by default, although the gdebi command line utility is installed by default in Ubuntu MATE because it is essential IMO.

We will be making a small web based app center in the near future and when I get to that, you’ll all be encounrage to help curate it :slight_smile: