Kodi 21, pipewire and UM 22.04

The latest flatpak version of Kodi has now implemented pipewire as the default sound server. Unfortunately, with this new version of the Kodi app doesn't have sound anymore either in the UI or while playing videos. Actually, the app crashes when trying to play a video.

My question: is this due to the way that Ubuntu/UM 22.04 implements pipewire or is this a bug with Kodi?

Thanks for your help with this. Once I have some feedback from you guys, that means I either need to adjust my system settings or file a bug report with the Kodi maintainers.

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Short answer, it's both. Here's the workaround for others experiencing the same issue until the Kodi team fix this issue and allow sound backend selection:


Just another FYI for those following this topic, the sound server backend selection has now been enabled in the lastest Kodi release. Very useful, so you can now have one sound server for Kodi and another for the DE :grinning: