Language issues in UM 16.04 system clock time zone settings (Clock 1.12.2)

I am currently based in Shanghai and accordingly changed my time zone to Shanghai. My UM 16.04 system language is English. After changing the time zone to Shanghai the system clock in the upper right corner displays day and month format in Chinese characters. Why does it override my English system language? It is not a big issue but any help in getting this solved is greatly appreciated.

Same issue here, just with a different language - I live in Germany but I run Ubuntu MATE in English.
Regardless, the clock displays weekdays and months in German.


take a look here:

Perfect - thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Are you also okay now @maro?. :smiley:

@maximuscore is happy by the look of things!. :smiley:

Thanks @wolfman and @maximuscore. Problem is solved at my laptop too. I changed the Regional Formats because I need to have different languages installed.

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