Laptop hardware for Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS advice needed

My age and lower processing power needs [i5 plenty] suggest I use a Laptop instead of Desktops which I've used since the 1980's, Ubuntu Mate since 2015.
Can someone suggest a suitable list of laptops [or make] available in South Africa for Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS. [not expensive, not Celeron or equivalent , not designed especially for MS]. My experience with laptops is nil. ,.

If available
2 hd's
1x +- 200gb SSD
1x 1TB
i5 or greater
At least 2 USB ports

Hi xaire,

first you would need to check the "recommended" (not minimum) specs of your desired laptop!.

There are several laptops which boast two hard drive bays but some are only configured to work with one and you have to swap them around because there is no active connector for the 2nd drive. (Many do have an active 2nd drive bay).

There are simply too many models out there to go through them all, do you have an eBay account?, do you want to buy new or 2nd hand?.

Newer Ryzen laptops are now very good value, if you tell us how much you wish to pay, perhaps we could start a list with options for you?. :grinning:

As an example of new laptops in 2020:

2nd hand are also a good option but you must be careful if you buy from the likes of eBay as some sellers are not good at telling the buyer the full truth about their device!. (I always make sure that the seller has a 100 pro seller record!). :thinking:

I can't recommend a specific laptop. But.... I can recommend a list of basic features for a general-use laptop.

(1) Must have an SSD!!!! SSD's make a world of difference on laptop/desktop performance. SSD's also use less power than a spinning HD. This will help extend battery life. I would recommend that you go for a high-capacity SSD only!!! Also... SSD's do not have moving parts. So, you don't have to worry about accidentally being too rough with the laptop. It's quite easy to destroy a HD by a sudden jar or drop.
(2) 4+ GB of RAM. Minimum!!! I know you can go as low as 1 or 2 GBs depending on the desktop environment. But for general use, 4+ GB is good for keeping swap-file usage to a minimum.
(3) A 2-core CPU @ 3+Ghz is bare minimum for a responsive desktop.
(4) Pick a laptop that is easy to disassemble and clean. Like any computer, dust is the enemy!!!

I still have my 1st laptop I purchased 11 years ago. It's an HP with 4GB of RAM, 120GB SSD and a core-2-duo CPU. It's still perfect for general use. It's only flaw that it is so old that the Intel GPU can't really play video @ 1080p without stuttering. 720p is the max for this old gal.

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