Laptop with AMD E1-2100

Hi guys.
I’m about to buy a Lenovo G405 laptop that has 4GB of RAM and the cpu is an AMD E1-2100.

I’m a Linux newbie and I want to use this laptop as a secondary machine for everyday use, cause it’s more portable than my main and because I wanna learn how to use Linux properly.
It will be used for basic stuff, like internet browsing, chatting on Steam, Libreoffice documents, videos (series and movies, 720p I guess), watching streams, etc.

Do you guys think that this CPU will be enough to run Ubuntu MATE well?
I don’t expect some blazing fast performance, but I don’t want something too slow either.

Thanks in advance.

I have Lenovo G40-45 with RAM 4GB and AMD A8 CPU, i have install Ubuntu Mate 64bit and it’s run well until i update Ubuntu Mate and get a problem after update. I think your Computer can run Ubuntu Mate well.

Yes, Your laptop will be fine to running this Ubuntu Mate.

Mate also has my vote, but if you should find out differently, Lubuntu would be my second choice.

Yes, I second that recommendation of Lubuntu as a backup option. I never really used Lubuntu before. But, my little Acer ONE notepad was not really up to running Mate with only an Atom processor and 1gb of ram. SO, I tried out out Lubuntu and it is surprisingly usable. It is not too hard, either, to tweak it to have a more Mate-like feel.

See below: