Larger Mouse Cursor needed

Have tried many distros, really like MATE. Have one problem - poor eyesight. Am able to adjust fonts to solve problem, but the so called LARGE cursor for the mouse is too small. Other distros have this feature adjustable and I can increase to the size my eyes need. Can you folks put this in for a future change ?? Please !!! Thanks, Grayhawk

Hello Grayhawk

Have you tried to adjust the pointer using the Appearance GUI?


Holy Smoke !!! Something changed since the last time I signed in. Now Customize has a “slider” and it did the job !!.. Before I had found on two options for the cursor size Small or Large. Maybe I was seeming things ?? Anyhow problem solved. Again a BIG thank you. Grayhawk


For some reason, the slider grays out sometimes, preventing adjustments; but a logout/login will generally bring the feature right back. :smiley: