"Launch when i login" menu option missing on Ubuntu MATE 18.04



I’ve been using Ubuntu MATE for 2 years now and on Ubuntu MATE 16.04
there was a menu option called “Launch when i login” to launch a
certain application when a user logs in, but it seems to be missing on
18.04 and i have to go to Startup applications and put the name of the
application i want to launch when i login and it takes some time,
also, when i don’t know the application command to open it, i have to
search for it to find it out, so, could you please add this menu
option again? It was much quicker then when users didn’t have to do
this whole adding application command thing. I like using terminal and
stuff but sometimes you just want to use it as fast as you can because
you are in a hurry and you have to lose some time sometimes doing
this. That’s all. Thanks for MATE, this great distro and keep up the
great work. Best wishes. The option menu Image i am talking about


Hi @caiodev. I wasn't aware of this so went looking for it in a VM and found it in: MATE Menu (Advanced MATE Menu). Here it is since I have it handy:

Unfortunately, I'm no developer but will guess the feature was a casualty of the port to GTK3.


Hey @Bill_MI, yeah, maybe, but it would be great if they could insert this option into menu again. Let’s see what devs will say. Thanks for this image :+1: