Lcd resolution problem, how to limit the working area?

Hello everyone,

i have an asus eeepc 1015pd seashell that has a problem, it cuts off the bottom part of the screen.

Resolution is set to 1024x768 but the lcd is 1024x600, and seems there is no way to fix the problem (that happens even in the bios, but a connected external monitor is ok, you can see a similar problem, without any solution, here: , or here: ).

I would like to use ubuntu mate anyway, is the a way to create a blank panel that can’t be overlapped by the windows in the bottom part? (e.g. a rectangle from pixel 0,600 to pixel 1024,768), or even better to restrict the useable area to 1024x600 ignoring the latest 168 pixels? (even xrandr doesn’t seem to be able to create such a resolution).

I have totally disassembled and reassembled the lcd and the cable hoping it was a loose cable but nothing changed.

Thank you in advance.

I have a potential (dirty) workaround:

Using the standard MATE panel layout (from MATE Tweak), start by increasing the size of the bottom panel till you can see it:

gsettings set org.mate.panel.toplevel:/org/mate/panel/toplevels/bottom/ size 46

(Increment 46 till you see the top of the panel)

Then, once you see a part of the bottom panel, right click some clear space on the top panel, and select "New Panel".
It should appear on the right.
Right click the panel on the right, go to properties and in "orientation" set to "bottom": it should go down on top of the previous bottom panel.

Then, adjust the size of the first bottom panel back till you can't see it anymore.

Thank you.

With commandline doesn’t seem to work, it’s instead easy to add a new panel, i’ll try to play with panels (maybe using redmond theme and moving the only panel on the top, then creating an empty one at the bottom) with an external monitor!

I’ve connected the netbook to an external monitor, choosed duplicate screen @ 1024x768, choosed redmond theme, moved the main and only panel with this theme to the top, added 2 panels on the bottom to fit 168 pixel (one panel is limited to 153 or so pixel, so i needed 2 :wink: ).

The only problem is with fullscreen apps, if someone has some ideas is welcome, but even this way is much better than nothing.