Left handed mouse pointer

I have installed Ubuntu MATE today on my laptop having tried several flavours first. It is nice to have a grown up desktop that accepts I can read!
I am a left hander but my attempts to set up a left handed mouse pointer have failed, gnome-tweaks doesn't seem to wok on the MATE desktop.
Is there any way to get a left handed pointer working please, there are several sets around and it would be the icing on the cake.

Hi @Jeff and welcome.

I hope the Control Center from 22.04 helps...


Many thanks Bill :smile:
Today is my second day with Linux, yesterday I found the Control Center and managed to turn off my touchpad, then I forgot where it was and what I could do there!
This morning I managed to unzip some left handed icons, create a folder in my home directory called .icons, put the icons there and, thanks to you, go to "Appearance" in Control Center and select a left handed pointer (i.e. one that points from left to right) so I am in business!
Many thanks again :smile: