Lenovo SK-8821 keyboard with non-funcional media keys on Ubuntu Mate 22.04

Hey guys, Ubuntu Mate 22.04 works flawlessy here, kinda...

Well, none media keys (from Mute to Forward) works here and looks like the system isn't even detecting the keys, I do use this keys a lot on Windows for switching songs and adjust volume, I really wanna get them fixed

Here is a pic from the keyboard (pic isn't mine tho)

There is some solution?
(Btw sorry for bad English)

This might work:


There's no SK-8821 option or similar, choosing one doesn't do anything

SK-8821 ?
That one should work with the standard "generic 105-key PC" keyboard setting although some settings are only reachable with a MS-windows(tm) driver and therefore not standards compliant.

Try this:

On a more serious note:
You can try the "Logitech iTouch" setting,or another logitech model to gain those functions. I warn you that it will be hit and miss but there is a slight chance you will end up with working media keys. Also read this:


Apologies for being off topic, but what application did you use to markup your screenshot?

Oh that ? That is ksnip. :slight_smile:

I started using it thanks to @alpinejohn