LibreOffice lag/freeze issues 22.04 (my bug report 1978488)

Hi guys,

Hoping someone here might have an idea how to work around:

Upgraded to 22.04 LTS (20.04 no issues).

Using Nvidia 4xx series driver. 48GB RAM, dual 1080ti gpu, i7 cpu.

LibreOffice Writer constantly lags, losing function, freezes (does not crash) with any type of writer document (odt or xslx). New single page or existing multi-page documents, doesn't matter, same issue after a minute or two. Hates text selection, mouse-wheel scrolling is a tell-tale sign. New Writer windows opened during lag are black. CPU usage in htop is very high for soffice.bin, ~60 - 80%. Must pkill the soffice.bin and use file recover but lag freeze up will occur again soon after opening.

I experience the issue with all three installation methods: snap, distro command-line install, or using the LibreOffice ppa "fresh".

I've tried changing OpenCL settings, disabling all extensions, disable smooth scrolling, disabling java, have purged install/reinstall and limiting to single window. I have the Marco ppa installed (ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/marco). Doesn't seem to matter or what mate-tweak option is selected. LO using Yaru or other theme; doesn't matter same effect.

Terminal does not show me any helpful errors when Writer is called directly from command line, at least I can easily identify.

Guessing this is upstream of MATE and a libreoffice thing; a few similar issues around the web but no good workaround.

I can update my exact specs and kernel later as required.


Hello clessley

Because I like LibreOffice as up to date as possible, and with Base included, I deinstalled LibreOffice and installed it as a "Flatpak". It works well on 20.04 and 22.04. :slightly_smiling_face:

What gpu and driver are you using?

Reading some other bugs related I think its an Nvidia driver issue; I read today somewhere 460 (approx or older; I tried 490 and 5xx) was one to try...saw there was a new beta of LO today. Didn't see the problem in their changelog.

Ill try out the flatpak. Thanks for the reminder, sorta forgot that method. didn't want to remap my menus but will if this is a workaround.

GPU = Intel integrated. It does all I require. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Flatpak install same issue. The freeze up seems to be caused when Firefox is started after the instance of LibreOffice. Using older Nvidia 460 drive no change, same freeze up.

Same here with normal Ubuntu desktop (no idea how the DE is called currently), so this is not a MATE related problem. The video card is AMD RX580, so not Nvidia related either. Not just LibreOffice crashes but the File manager and Firefox too sometimes, though most often LibreOffice and I already lost several hours of work last night. :S I did not find anything suspicious in the logs, I mean nothing that mentioned LibreOffice, though I have no idea where to look for it. Some people claim that Ubuntu 22 LTS is unstable and better to use 21 or Mint.