LibreOffice6 + Openoffice 4.5 together in Ubuntu Mate


I did a screenshot tutorial on Imgur, read the instructions under the pictures.


Just a basic simple question…
Why would anybody need both ?
Two of the same? Same use and purpose ?


OpenOffice, I keep it as a spare wheel!
It happened to me that LibreOffice crashed and since I have some documents I work with, that I could not open …
Like all the spare wheels you need them in emergencies!

In some blogs I read, I noticed that many people still do not trust LIbreOffice, they say it’s more unstable, so as soon as they install Ubuntu they remove LibreOffice and put OpenOffice.


Unstable ? News to me. Maybe they got other problems too. I’ve read ‘false news’ on some site quite MS driven also. Was OO and moved to LO upon its birth. No issue with either of them all along (vs all my previous issues with MS-W)
IF (only if) problem with LO, or if can’t access my own laptop right away, I’d go to Google Doc as a spare/temp tool “on the fly”.
No need to use disk space duplicating tools (IMHO)


p.s. the rest, to me, is a simple matter of allegiance or preference. Or people trying to justify their choices.


I dont’t trust Google doc!

I do not want to ruin my files plenty of formulas, macros and conditional formatting and I do not want Google to know my business.

If users do not trust a program, whether it is justified or not, it does not matter:
giving the opportunity to try out LibreOffice, without having to worry about package conflicts, gives an extra opportunity to it.


Trust is the main thing.

re formulas, macros and conditional formatting - from time to time I still get comments from MS-W users that their page layout is lost or altered when I send them back docs on which I made text add-ons using LO. But it is now a rare occurrence compared to what it was years ago.


I’m glad to hear that compatibility with Microsoft has improved.
However, if I have the disk space I prefer to install OpenOffice too, given the importance it has for me to open these files.
I also have seen various blogs and forums, both Italians, French and English that suggest to uninstall Libreoffice to put Open in its place; or to put them together they say that first you have to uninstall LibreOffice, then put Open and only at the end re-install Libre (it can be done in a simpler way).