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Hi everyone, I would just like to ask you a question, I would like to sell the PC, but I would like to sell it with Ubuntu Mate pre-installed, is this possible? or is it banned?

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Not sure on this, but Ubuntu Mate free and open source it is ok. hopefully some one with more knowledge will say yes or no on this. part of the reason I think yes is there is a Good Will here that has a Boutique store at one of their locations that sells donated comps. There ate times they sell a system with Mint cinnamon.

I found quite a few PCs with almost any variant of Linux Ubuntu installed on the net, which is why I was wondering if it could be sold, also because that way it would be wonderful and easier for those who have never tried a system like this

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Yes, you can sell it.

The software license of most distros including Ubuntu and Ubuntu-MATE is GPL (General Public Licence)

You are free to give away or even sell the software so if you want to sell your PC with Ubuntu-MATE preinstalled, you are free to do so :slight_smile:


If you are still worried list and sell the computer with a receipt like this:
Computer $X.XX
Software $0.00
Installation fee $X.XX
Total $X.XX

Seeing the software is free to anyone and everyone, you also passed it on free. You only charged for the hardware and installation.


For every computer or service related to Ubuntu Mate that I sell, I will donate something to encourage development, thank you all for your help