Lightdm is ignoring monitors.xml (17.04)

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here, so I hope I’m not making any netiquette mistakes.

Anyway, it’s rare for my to actually ask a question in a support forum, because usually it has been asked (and answered) before or I can figure it out myself eventually.

I have a multi-monitor setup, which I was able to configure fine in a MATE session (monitors.xml generated in ~/.config). Unfortunately, lightdm swaps my screens (left is right, and right is left). I know I could simply physically move the monitors, but well, I want to know how I can configure this, since eventually I’ll run into a situation where I can’t move the monitors (like on a laptop, for instance.)

I keep reading everywhere that one should put a working monitors.xml into /var/lib/lightdm/.config, which I did (making sure the permissions are all set up correctly.) No luck though. Further, there actually was no .config directory, I had to create it. In the lightdm.log there doesn’t seem to be anything indicating that it even looks for any files in the .config directory.

I also know I could just use a xrandr based script as a display setup script, but I really would want to know why the monitors.xml thing doesn’t work. If it has been deprecated somehow, is there a new ‘better’ way of doing it?