Lime Text Editor | A free and open-source software successor to Sublime Text

This isn’t Ubuntu MATE related. I just felt that I should share this in case anyone feels interested to join it’s development and help developing a free and open source replacement for Sublime text.
Sublime text is a great text editor. It has a great fan followers. The only drawback is it’s a proprietary software. Fortunately, someone started working on Sublime text look-alike and feel-alike text editor, named Lime text. It’s being developed in GO language and is a free software. I’m not a developer. But I think anyone interested to make a Sublime text alternative should join hand developing it. As far as I know, Lime text. as of now, only has it’s back-end ready. Frond-end is being implemented in QML. Your support would give this project momentum. I’m in no way affiliated with this, but I think this should be developed for the free and open source world would get benefited.
Site address is here:


nice find @tranjeeshan!

Thanks. I was searching for a free and open source alternative of Sublime text. We could make Lime our own. :smile:


I also like lime text for its effort on Open Sourcing Sublime(look alike). But I am really, really devote to atom The github's magic Text editor and a (Pseudo) IDE.

  • it's community surpassed it's the number of packages compared to sublime.
    Here is atom running in Mate. :wink:

And after a few customizations : :sunglasses:

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hi few months late to the party but with lime backend opensourced. anyone want to collabarte on iOS iPad app…Hate sublime doesn’t have a iOS app out it would be free app but I think the developer community would love something that powerful on their iPad or phone.