Linux kernel coming to Windows

I think this a very bad news for Linux desktop... :frowning_face:
What do you guys think?

I Don't think that this would make much of a differents. Its just a Microsoft modified version of the Linux kernel for WSL.
As I see it WSL is for people and companies that can't have a full Linux system.

WSL is geared towards developers. If anything, this might be Microsoft's way to incite back developers that switched to another OS -- namely macOS -- because they could easily install and run tools like Docker natively then Windows ever could because of emulation and hoops... until now.

As @CyberMaxpower said, it's ideal for anyone stuck within a Windows system (likely a corporate environment) but want to run GNU/Linux tools conveniently.

I don't see any threat. It's like when people suggest Wine (Windows apps/games on Linux) hurts Linux adoption (nope). The last I heard, running graphical applications under WSL are discouraged and anyone wanting to grant their freedom probably would replace Windows entirely.

Also another article:


I interpreted that a bit differently, that the developer userbase that are using Linux now might not bother anymore...
But technically speaking, the possibility of taking back control from macos users, which is very dominant as a programming environment, is more likely than desktop Linux. But still, I don't like this, like any of the other things Microsoft is doing in the name of "love open-source" of "love for Linux".

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LINK: :worried:

Yeah that's the thing... embrace, extend, and extinguish...

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That's what I was thinking too