Liquorix and BCM43228

Hi from Sweden.
Trying Ubuntu-Mate and it works very well on my 5 year old Dell E6430!!
Very responsive!!
I have a question.
I like to use Liqourix kernel but when I install that I can not get wifi to work (reinstalled bmcwl-kernel-source). I then try to use dkms but modules will not install and I get "system-error-report". Is Liqourix imcompatible


You might want to try the Liquorix Forum for more support.

Hi and thanks for answer!
I did go through the whole forum both here and there but I did not ask The Question there. I will do that!


Sorry to just recommend posting your question there but hopefully you'll get an answer.

I didn't ask this before but did wifi work correctly before the Liqourix kernel install?
On that note, can you boot into the prior kernel and have it work?

No problem. Posted on Liq-forum but no answer so far. Did a wide web-search and found out that Liquorix has compability problems with dkms! Many people with nvidia can not install nvidia non-free with liquorix. I went back to generic which works very well!