List of places where you can buy laptops with no OS or with Ubuntu

Anyone have a good list of dealers that offer PCs with Linux installed or no pre-installed OSes?

The only ones I know are:

(Querty Layouts):

(Any layout)

(French AZERTY layout):

I've asked System76 support if they could swing different keyboard layouts: no joy.



They also offer Ubuntu-Mate pre-installed on many of the models on their website! I have one.

They also offer multiple keyboard layouts. :slight_smile:


I don’t speak german, but those look pretty good indeed! Thanks!
I’ve split this topic and also made my post a wiki, if others want to contribute to the list.


Tuxedo don’t just sell laptops, they sell a large range of desktops too. :slight_smile:

Entroware (Querty Layout)


I’ve bought no-OS laptops from both. Can recommend, both in the UK. Both offer UK QWERTY keyboards, which I use. Maybe if you ask they could offer other keyboards too.

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Ebuyer sell Zoostorm without OS AMD A8 7600, you’ll need to get an Nvidia GPU as well to get past the AMD/Ubuntu driver fiasco