List view header bar blank




I have Ubuntu 18.04.1 installed, and I did an apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop to get this awesome desktop environment.

Everything is working fine, except one minor thing - list view headers, for example in MATE System Monitor and Caja.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, the column names and sort order isn't shown, just a header background.
Can anyone advise how I might go about troubleshooting/fixing this please? I'm happy to provide any additional information as necessary.


I’ve seen themes cause similar issues.

The themes I’ve tested have chosen colors for the text which are the same value as the header color, such as grey on grey.

Try new values in Menu - System Settings - Appearance - Themes.


Thanks for the tip. I have taken your advice and tried all the various different themes that ship with Mate, and unfortunately all of them suffer from the same problem, so I'm guessing the problem lies somewhere else.