Live session password

What is the user name and password for ubuntu mate 16.04 live session

As far as I know:

  • User name: ubuntu-mate
  • Password: ubuntu-mate

HI Luke,

isn’t the PW blank (no password required?)?. :smiley:

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It doesn’t require a password for things like sudo, but if you log out or get locked somehow, then I believe this is the combination.

I have never used a password for a Live session of Ubuntu this is the first time I heard some ask for this am I missing something?

After creating a new user and switching to it and then switching back you are asked for username and password.

What Username and PW did you use @borgward?. :smiley:

To get back? a variety,

ubuntu-mate, ubuntu-MATE, user, passwords

ubuntu-mate, ubuntu-MATE, 12qwaszx, “blank, no password” passwords

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yes it is blank (This I Here To Fill Up Space)

User name : ubuntu_mate
Password :