Lock and unlock the panel with a click

It's handy to know that the panel can be locked in order not to delete launchers or panel by mistake (and you have to do it again from scratch).

Once locked, if you right-click on launchers or panel, the menu option "remove" does not appear, so you can not accidentally click on and the panel will not allow any changes to the configuration.

Of course, to do maintenance (move and create launchers, see properties, create / delete panels …) it must be unlocked.

To get this

Edit menus → Preferences → New menù → write “Panel” in Directory Properties ->Ok

then click on Panel → New Item ->Ok

→ in Create Launcher
Name: LOCK
Command: gsettings set org.mate.panel locked-down true

Now make the UNLOCK launcher
Command: gsettings set org.mate.panel locked-down false

Choose icons with lock-unlock emblems

In this way lock and unlock the panel becomes fast!

italiano http://www.istitutomajorana.it/forum2/Thread-Pannello-Mate-come-bloccarlo-con-un-click

français https://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=2000835

gsettings guide http://askubuntu.com/questions/22313/wha...o-i-use-it


I’m a little slow. I’ve been using the individual right-click properties menu of each icon to check “lock to panel”. I’ve spazzed them around in the past, and even though it’s a PITA to individually unlock them when i want to change things, it’s better than spazzing them around.

Now are you saying that by adding this one menu item i can unlock or lock them all at once? I run with 2 panels, top and right, will this lock both panels and all items in both panels?

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I have two panels and in this way I lock and unlock both panels and the panels will not allow any changes to their configuration. It does not lock each item separately, but if you apply this trick there is no need.

Otherwise in dconf editor (gui of gsettings) search “locked-down” and put the check.
org-> mate-> panel-> general-> locked down -> true

The two commads above correspond to this setting in dconf and the the effect is immediate

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and Linux Mint Mate

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Thanks for this. I don’t need the lock/unlock launchers, but just using the gsettings key is nice once I get my panel how I like it.

Thanks for posting this.

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