Log in page for ubuntu-mate.community

I access this site regularly from two different PCs. The login box does not have a "remember me" box to tick. However, one PC remembers me, the other does not and I have to enter my password on every login. I would prefer to have the site remember my credentials. Any ideas?

Do you allow cookies on your browser?

I do allow cookies on both PCs. Actually, I use auto cookie delete, but have *.ubuntu-mate.community whitelisted in both setups.

Update: I deleted all cookies and storage. Tried again. Same issue. I disabled Cookie Auto Delete, cleared all cookies and storage, problem still remains on my one PC.

How do you login (via e-mail, via single sign on?) Which browser?

Discourse does pretty much work like "Remember me" was checked. For instance, I always stay signed in on my desktop, a phone and a laptop. You can go to your Preferences to review which devices are logged in (perhaps try logging out of them all), in case the browser is always being seen as a new one entirely.

There is an admin setting in Discourse, which I just disabled:

When logging out, log out ALL sessions for the user on all devices

So if you happen to had logged out out of one computer, it was logging out for all of them.

I log in via username password. So from settings, I logged out from all browsers. Then tried several times again from my laptop. Issue remains. I won't have access to my desktop (where I don't have an issue) until next week.

Update: Using Basilisk I have no issue with ubuntu-mate.community credentials being saved on my laptop. Still no joy with Firefox.

you may want to try lastpass (http://www.lastpass.com)