I just installed latest Mate. I noticed something odd logging in and something awful logging out.

LOGGING IN the system shows my PC manufacturer (Beelink), then the Ubuntu Mate logo, then the Beelink again, then Mate logo again. (?) Shouldn't this simply be Beelink then Ubuntu then desktop?

LOGGING OUT is very weird. I have a brown Mate environment. When I shut down it brings me to a green one with a password field on the left. In the right corner it offers me a shutdown option. I try it and a get a message center of the screen asking "Are you sure you want to shutdown?" But there's no way or button to confirm. If I log back in, it brings me back to brown Mate. It's a loop. I had to unplug the power source to shut it off. :frowning:

Help please!

(Otherwise Mate has been an amazing solution to my three year old Pentium Apollo Lake Beelink Mini PC. I just need it for streaming on my flat screen TV and it's twice as fast as sluggish Windows. )


I get it now. When I'm in my brown Mate user environment, I have to log out. That brings me to the green 'generic' environment where I can quit (but not restart).

Is there a way I can skip this two step and just easily log in and out of my user experience?

Hi :slight_smile:
Is the user you are using privileged to perform a shutdown or a reboot ?
If not, its a good reason why you cannot do that. Ensure your user is privileged :slight_smile:

You can change the login screen look inside control center :

About the manufacturer logo, i have exactly the same behavior with my lenovo computer.
I guess it should be possible to disable OEM logo inside BIOS.

Thank you Olek. But how/where do I do that?

Search for user settings inside the menu :slight_smile:

Edit your account to be administrator :


Dude. Or Dudette. Thanks.

The OEM and Ubuntu 2 times dance -- is it possibly a BIOS issue? That the PC is trying to boot Windows first, fails, and then tries Ubuntu?

I just checked and the BOOT MENU does list Ubuntu first.

So now -- on boot -- it's BEELINK, UBUNTU, and BEELINK one more time. I can live with that.

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