Login and password screen doesn't show on startup

Hello community, I share my computer with my family and keep my account password protected. When I turn on my computer there is no login screen. It automatically opens to my account. However, when the computer goes to sleep or in hibernate mode, then it will ask me for a password or to switch user.

How do I get a login screen to show up when I turn on my computer?

I’m running Ubuntu-Mate 16.04

Edit “/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf” and remove the line that starts with “autologin-user=…”

You will need superuser, ie. “sudo pluma /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf”

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@Dave_Barnes Thanks for the reply! I’m not sure how to do that. Can you give more detailed instructions in layman’s terms please.

Hi @Gene

Use Caja and browse to /etc/lightdm/

Right click on lightdm.conf and choose "Open as Administrator". You will be asked to provide your password. My default editor is Pluma so the file opens in that editor:

My system automatically logs into the account called "martin" so I do not get a login screen with the file set up like this.

If you delete the entry you have in your lightdm.conf file where it shows your autologin account and then save the file, then the next time you start your machine it will boot to the login screen and the user can then choose which account to login with.

Hope this helps



@ChromaticRanger Thanks Martin! Worked perfectly!

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