Login manager and users GUI are gone

Did a new install of Ubuntu Mate 22.04 on a Dell XPS laptop. Looked like everything was working great. Went to add a new user and saw the icon was not present. Added the gnome tools and got that to work. I also noticed that I can't find the icon to changed the login screen... It's not there. Is this a bug that's being fixed? Any easy solution?


Good question.

Here are some links with explanations about this problem and also some workarounds:

Here is a perfect working solution by reverting to slick-greeter:

Extra background info and some workarounds for if you want to keep using 'Arctica' greeter, in the following thread are several ways to bypass some of the problems:


Hallo out there. I made a new installation of Ubuntu MATE 22.04. All works fine BUT i missing the option to manage users and groups. Is there no other way than to install the gnome-system-tools like Georgie-o said? Has the Mate control center no own GUI or tool? I can't believe that... Or is there something wrong with my installation?

Thanks for help or hints

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You wrote:

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, that is correct: in Ubuntu MATE 22.04 ("Jammy Jellyfish"), if you want a GUI Tool to manage users and groups, you have to install gnome-system-tools. In Ubuntu MATE 22.10 ("Kinetic Kudu") there's a new tool called "User Manager" that replaces the gnome-system-tools that had been removed from Ubuntu MATE 22.04

From the "Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Release Notes | Ubuntu MATE" posted by @Wimpy (Martin Wimpress) himself:

"(...) MATE User Manager

A new utility, User Manager, has been added to complement the suite of MATE tools. User Manager replaces the aging gnome-system-tools which was removed from Ubuntu MATE in the 22.04 release and allows you to add/modify/remove user accounts. It also includes the ability to define which users are Administrators, enable/disable auto-login, set profile images and manage group memberships.

MATE User Manager
MATE User Manager

There's also the following related topic here in the Ubuntu MATE Community discussion forums (topic started on 21st April 2022 by @JokerGermany):

... and the following related Bug in Launchpad: