Login Manager issue

I’m having an issue with the login screen (LightDM?) I am hoping someone can help me with. I setup my home PC so that my account does not require using the password to log into my profile. Less secure, I know, but for home use, it seem to be of little issue.
Well, as of this morning I ran into an issue when I needed to reboot my computer and now with my profile selected I hit ‘login’ and nothing happens, it doesn’t login. I get an instant blank black screen, almost like a refresh, and I am back to the login screen.
Has anyone experienced this before and how would I fix it? Is there a LightDM conf setting that allows me to change it so that it does require a password? I want to test to see if I enter my password if it will allow me to login.
Currently, the machines is up in multiuser mode. I can also ssh into it if there is something I need to change.
Thanks ahead of time.

What about trying the guest session, will it boot?

During the boot process keep tapping the “Shift” key and that should allow you to boot to the grub screen.
From there you can try the recovery mode.

Also at the login screen press


That should get you to console. Then enter…

systemd-analyze blame

That may give you some clues.

One more thought. Once your at the grub screen also try using the previous kernel.

I’ve been trying to remember where I knew this story from.
I’ve got it: a while back I messed up with my panel layouts and I ended up in the same situation.
I think I broke something in my MATE session configuration, problem is Even after removing every configuration file in my home and deleting / recreating my user I couldn’t manage to get it working again.
I ended up creating a new admin user from tty1 and moving my files over there.

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I’m remote now at work and plan to troubleshoot some more at lunch.
In my Googs search I found quite a few post regarding Ubuntu login loop. Most referring to users using Nvidia. I have an Nvidia card so I’m not sure if there is something that changed in recent updates. Other changes since yesterday was that I installed the Chrome Remote Desktop and was trying to configure a remote session using display 0 instead of the default display 20. I’m not sure if something may have changed there also.
However, I found a post in regards to the .Xauthority being owned by root and not the user. I ssh’d to my machine from work and found that to be true, that my .Xauthority file was owned by root. I have since chown’d it and plan to reboot at lunch to see if that fixes the issue.
I’ll update later.

That could indeed be the problem.

Off topic: How can I display these buttons/icons?

<kbd>CTRL</kbd> + <kbd>ALT</kbd> + <kbd> F1</kbd>

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Alright, so the .Xauthority file ownership was the problem. Changing it back to my ownership fixed the issue.
I sure would like to know the root cause, though. What was it that caused the change.

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