Login user on lock screen

Hi, I have a fresh install of Mate 20.10 and there is a user on the login page called "Login".
My user name is there also and can I login fine, but this option is strange, I didn't create that user and in the add/remove user its only me there.
I haven't been able to log in with that user.
Any ideas?

Thank very much.

That's funny -- if you're telling me the full truth here, it might be an extremely rare virus (I've never heard of something like this, but it might happen I suppose).

Think it'd be possible for you to take a photo of the login screen and maybe fuzz out your user name and anything else you don't want us to see? I'm intrigued.

(Oh yeah. And attach that image here when you're done.)

Hi, now you have me worried.
I have created a 2nd user now but the Login user is still there.
It was a fresh download of Ubuntu Mate today and a install, the only other machine I had running is windows 10 on the same machine but separate hard drive, also install fresh today before Mate.
The Login user was there right from the first reboot, before I had installed any packages or anything.
I don't need to blank anything out.

This is an issue that was introduced in 20.10 with the switch to arctica-greeter. You can read more about this here: Bug#1895875.

It is safe to ignore the login user, there is a work around listed in the bug report if you feel comfortable making the changes.

This has been resolved for the 21.04 release.


Ok thanks for that, I had tried looking for the info but wasn't able to find anything.

Appreciate the reply, Thanks

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