Look & learn the english way



  A person should always think before leaping. There are many distros which are made by non-British people and they are free to name it what ever they like. Some of these Distros were named using other languages and in this case using a different code. Why blaming them for using a different language? Also some times you may not find a word in English that's why people tend to use code switching and borrowing words from other languages. What I mean is that his lesson was indeed irrelevant and not to the point.


Whilst I can broadly agree with the sentiment of the video, I do not agree with its vociferousness. Life is too short and there are a lot of things to get very angry about in this cruel and broken world. For me, the way someone chooses to pronounce a word is not one of them.


I think you’re right. There are many major problems that need our attention other than this one.


True words steve! We have a little more urgently problems in our world. I assume and hope, that’s a pinch of british humor in the video. I would be interested in how he would pronounce Matterhorn (the Swiss mountain from its wallpaper). Admittedly, the first ascend has made by an Englishman :smile:


I almost posted an answer to this ridiculous video. He just doesn’t seem to understand that “MATE” is named after a plant, an Argentinian plant that is. But I just couldn’t be bothered. If he doesn’t want to do some kind of research that is not my problem :slight_smile:

A quote from mate-desktop.org:

Where does the name come from?
The name “MATE”, pronounced Ma-Tay, comes from yerba maté, a species of holly native to
subtropical South America. Its leaves contain caffeine and are used to make
infusions and a beverage called mate.


In which case where is the missing accent (as in Maté)?

He is quite right to point out that in the absence of the accent, the word should be pronounced (at least in English) as he suggests. My only problem with his video is the daft level of anger he is expressing about it. Like I said, though, life is too short and I have already wasted several minutes of it discussing this daft video.


In Spanish, it is stressed on the first syllable (MAH-tay, not mah-TAY). Since this is the default stress, no accent mark is needed. I think sometimes people add the accent in English to mark the word as “foreign” and so that English speakers don’t think it’s a silent e. (I’ve often seen this for Japanese words that end in e as well, like Kobe/Kobé.)

Wikipedia says “sometimes erroneously spelled maté in English, but never in Spanish or Portuguese”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yerba_mate

(Linguistics major ;-))


I’ll admit I can’t help pronouncing it in my head as rhyming with Kate as much as I know the origin . . .


To require the accent when one is wishing to converse or otherwise communicate in English is not erroneous, though. That’s the point. In English, without the accent, the word really does rhyme with Kate. And therein, for many English speakers at least (including myself), lies the problem.

However, given that Ubuntu Mate is an international Distro and not just English, the only logical recourse is to accept that both ways of pronouncing the word are correct, depending on one’s mother tongue. All that remains is for all users of all languages to accept this and to stop trying to impose their own pronunciation on others. Thus, I use the pronunciation that rhymes with Kate, but I have no problem with others who wish to pronounce it as “Matay”, and I expect those who do pronounce it that way to afford me the same linguistic courtesy


Guys ! Simple . You can speak “Mate” like you speak "Latte ", the italian word for milk and coffee beverage . Now , to speak “Ubuntu” , …


…Mate :grin:
Simple and plausible input! Seems to be very easy! Coffee Latte not Coffe Lattay, Club Mate not Club Matay! checked: :white_check_mark:


Aaarrgghhhhh!!! Wa***rs like this YouTuber make me ashamed to be English sometimes. Colonial Imperialism at its worst, mixed with total ignorance of the origins of ‘English’ language.

We have lots of examples in English of different sounds being spelt in the same way - cough/rough/bough (rhyming with off/stuff/cow in that order) being one of the more obvious examples.

So no reason why mate can’t be said one way in referring to the distro or the drink, and another way referring to a friend.

I’m perfectly happy to call it Mah-tay in honour of the developer who gave it that name in the first place.

But as others have said above, ultimately this is not worth arguing about. Please carry on making videos that encourage/promote the use of the software.


Youtubers, can you make another video with “incorrect” pronunciation (so that Linux Help Guy could in his own words beeeep explode) :blush:


This was funny
The guy should understand that the Linux community is international
A lot of the people are not native english speakers and some words like MATE are not even english words
As for silent letters I find them idiotic
If you don’t want them to be read, then don’t put them there, I think this is simple