Looking for good theme suggestions

I'm new to Ubuntu Mate. Best Ubuntu flavour I've ever used, by quite some distance. Wonderful distro. :grinning:

I'm currently using (and loving) Ambient Mate with Teal colour scheme. But I'm not satisfied with the widget style (to use the KDE term, I'm a huge KDE fan.)

My question is does anyone have any good suggestions for gtk theme/window decorations in keeping with the Teal colour scheme? I'm on 20.04 LTS and using pantheon layout with cupertino/catalina plank theme (didn't like the default green shade under the plant panel so I changed theme.)

P.S. I had tried the cupertino/catalina GTK theme/icon theme combo but a lot of the icons aren't scaling properly. Some a too large and some too small. Also, what extra packages(if any) do I need to use the GTK3 themes from mate-look.org? Will they conflict with compiz in any way? I've changed from Macro to compiz to get rid off screen tearing.


I agree, themes found on mate-look.org don't always fit well to the Mate desktop. I think most of them are made and tested for GNOME.

I suggest the Marwaita theme wich works well with Mate in my experience. It comes with GTK3/2, icon and metacity themes. I don't think it requires extra-packages to be installed.