Looking for input on possible side gig


Hey Everyone,

So I have been brainstorming on ways to make some extra cash on the side. IT jobs are easiest for me and massive success isn’t 100% necessary, slow go is ok.

My Idea at this time, since I am myself slightly privacy minded is to offer setting people up to be a little more in control of it themselves… Basically by helping the less technically minded get set up with Linux if they want, an alternative email to get away from data suckers, vpn, and such…to whatever level the client is comfortable with. Basically, privacy as a service.

What I need, is a good way to do remote support…teamviewer I guess, ideas on other services I could offer and so on.

The goal is to try to keep things as opensource/linuxy as possible…



Well good-luck, pal. First of all team-viewer isnot a snap – so that doesn’t work well on Linux.

Secondly go for Libera Pay for your payment - they need the support/encouragement !

thirdly there is a way to do that called next-cloud hangouts.

its in its early stages, but can be used well.

let us know how you get on, and share with the foss community :smiley: