Looking for Slim, Light, Long-lasting Laptop for on-the-go

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-tl;dr: Looking for a new laptop comparable to my HP Chromebook 11 G5-

Within the past couple of months, I had bought a Chromebook (HP Chromebook 11 G5 (touch screen) to be precise). I love that thing to death. It’s small enough, slim enough, light enough and lasts long enough to be the perfect travel laptop to keep in my backpack (which, since acquiring my Chromebook, I have taken with me everywhere). The only downside to this, however, is that since it is a Chromebook, I cannot run traditional desktop software on it, such as GIMP and VLC.

I am looking to get a new laptop that is somewhat comparable to my Chromebook in thickness, size, weight and battery life to carry around with me instead/alongside so that I can have access to all my favorite applications and the ability to try out any new pieces of software that catch my eye.

So I’m looking for something between 11.6" and 13-ish" screen size, 4 or more GB RAM, average storage, weighs 5 lbs or less, and with a battery that can last 6 hours or more (that seems to be pretty standard for something like this, right?) and preferably under $400 USD.

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated! (^-^)

Thank you all for your time,

I’m waiting to have a look at the new Acer swift 1 sf113 (should be available very soon). The Asus L403 (you might have a different letter at the start) is another I’m considering, but it is 14". I did buy the 11" Lenovo 110, but the trackpad was too awful to use and the screen was pretty rubbish. I returned it. I suppose you get what you pay for…

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I’m looking into the Acer Swift 1, and I’m liking what I see so far! I will continue to look into it further. Thanks for the reply! (^-^)