Love Pluma new version!

Hi there Mate Lovers!

I'm here to show all my love for the new version of Pluma.

Pluma is my favorite text editor since I started getting interested in programming, scripting, and markup languages , thanks to GNU/Linux.

And now, along with Ubuntu MATE 20.04, the new and great version of Pluma is amazing!!!!
The abilities to show the non-printable characters (spaces/tabs/newlines) and the visual are really amazing!

Ubuntu Mate and Pluma are very important to me!

Thanks for all the amazing stuff!

From Brazil with Mate love!



Do you know, is there a place where I can get additional color schemes, or how to customize an existing one?
I am fine with the classic one, but would like to have one or 2 changes

Hi there!

I'd like to know too, I usually use it with kate theme and JetBrainsMono font!

Here's the link if you'd like to see it in action!!!

Just copy whatever theme you want to edit from /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/styles and then import the file in Pluma's preferences when you're done editing it.

You can look for gedit themes online as those are compatible with Pluma as well. On my install though Pluma tends to crash when removing a previously imported gedit theme from the preferences but it's nothing to worry about.



I have a theme you might want to try, just download the theme from this page (my blog) and drop it into your colorthemes folder or the default pluma config folder where appropriate.

I've used this theme in all sorts of editors.

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