Low Graphics Mode in Unity 7

What do you think about Unity? I guess most of us don’t like it as we would otherwise use regular ubuntu. I’m keeping an eye on it and also thought unity 8 looked promising although it still has long way to go…

I fundamentally dislike both its workflow and its lack of customisability, meaning you don’t get to modify that workflow. I have felt that way about it since it first came on the scene and I have not changed my mind.


As Wimpy will now work for Canonical (Unity desktop) I try to see what MATE can learn from Unity but so far the only benefit would probably be the other way around. There was some reviewer on youtube who noted that: “Unity lacks artistic cohesion”. Probably true but it’s not its biggest fault.

Unifying desktop and touchscreen based interface seems like a crazy idea.
To me it always felt wrong in many ways even with immense amount of tweaks and I guess you right that not being able to customize it makes Unity desktop environment not as productive.

I don’t care about it enough to like or dislike it (except for one problem I’ll mention on the next paragraph). The moment Unity isn’t enforced on me and I can choose from other DEs, Unity is not my concern. Distributions like Ubuntu-MATE or Xubuntu, guarantee that I can ignore Unity as if it didn’t exist. Which is exactly what I do. I simply am not sold on the idea that I need to change my workflow; on the idea that something changed in the way we do computing that mandates Unity (or Gnome Shell) set of features. Nothing changed. And the dream of a unifying DE seems a solution in search of a problem no one had. No one was asking for the idioms behind unifying desktops before they started to appear. I certainly wasn’t, despite owning three different form factor devices (desktop, latop and tablet). So, it’s completely natural to me the choice to ignore the trend behind these two DEs.

I won’t hide however a certain feeling of frustration that such a large amount of know-how and human capital inside Canonical and among its community has been diverted to Unity development. People that could today be supporting full-time projects like MATE, LXDE or Xfce. It’s not without sadness that I witness the spreading thin of developers among so many projects. Imagine, for instance, what MATE would be today if Canonical had fully committed to it, instead of trying to imitate Gnome Shell. But alas!


Hey guys,

I think Unity in shape having top bar and bar Left for Apps is great, flat screens 16/9, does not occupy much space as the bottom bar.

I never liked the Dash and the way they work is poor and chaotic, poor choices, and my friends that I left them my computer, fleeing directly so difficult to use.

Unity 8, so I’ve seen on You Tube I do not like anything. noi I like joining Apps desktop-mobile, it’s horrible in design and functions,

I bought a phone BQ Ubuntu, most updates made the mobile was unstable with some Apps. how to interact screens was original and correct, but I do not forgive in the use of mobile is that to go back or use options had to lift the fingers to the top of the phone, it becomes so annoying that bored, I think the buttons of a mobile always down.

in the end I reset the phone and put Android, a cell phone is not a desktop, Unity 8 not see it well,

Mutiny has filled my heart, my Gnome 2 with which I learned Ubuntu with Unity Left bar, very usuable, without Dash

thanks Wimpy


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