Lower Panel Missing Icons

Hello All,
20.04 Ubuntu Mate, T-Bird and Firefox are up to date

This AM as I was booting my computer, the power went off for a second. When I rebooted and clicked on my Firefox and T-bird icons in the top panel, the apps came up but did not show up in the bottom panel as they usually do.

They are usually just to the right of the folder icon that shows the desktop with one click.

How do I get them to show in the bottom panel again?

I tried dragging them down, but, I end up with two windows (no tabs), one on top of the other.

HELP Please.


Two methods exist:

  • reset the lower MATE Panel by doing right mouse click on it and clicking Reset Panel from menu;
  • manual addition of missing Window List applet - do right mouse click on MATE Panel and then click Add to Panel, then search for Window List and then add it to panel; optionally Lock its position.

Thank You so much...

I used the manual method, as I didn't want to loose my saved pages I have there.


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