Lowe's uses Linux

While at our local Lowe’s Home Improvement store, I notice the PC that the sales associate was using had a Linux operating system. I asked her if she knew what it was, but she did not. I saw a LXDE panel on the bottom of the screen, a small dock on the left of the screen, and a terminal with Lowe’s spelled out in ASCII art.

Searched online and it would seem they have been using Linux for quite some time, but I found nothing concrete as to what distribution their OS is based on. Any idea’s?

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Oh… that is for sure Dist-bla-bla GNU/Linux

Google says that 3 years ago it was SuSe based.

Jokes aside, Lowe’s is for sure not the only big company using Linux as the main OS. I saw it in a big bank, a big retailer, even in a call center.

The U.S. Navy uses Linux as well.

Yes, but very reluctantly with some commands. Windows is their first choice and favorite.

»Look Munich, City of Barcelona Is Dumping Windows and Switches to Ubuntu Linux«
»The City of Barcelona is already running a pilot program with no less than 1,000 desktops powered by Canonical’s very popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, but the paper said that they plan on replacing their Microsoft Exchange Server installations with Open-Xchange, and Microsoft Office suite with LibreOffice.«


Lowe’s use Linux, because Linux is stable than Windows ?