Mac PowerBook G4 (PowerPC)

I have a 17’ Mac PowerBook G4 and I tried installations of Ubuntu Mate PPC 14.04 LTS and 15.04.

Both installations succeed and run pretty well, but after a couple of minutes the machine just freezes.

Any idea of how I can troubleshoot this?

It seems that it’s not MATE related, since the same happens with several other desktop environments (Unity, Xubuntu, Lubuntu). Just 14.04 LTS server runs well.

All flavors of 12.04 and 10.04 run well also.


The Xorg stack is buggy in 15.04 for PowerPC, it has endian issue. It was recently fix in Debian and I’ve been able to get the fixes into 15.10 although the packages are not rebuilt yet. So, sadly 15.04 is not great for PowerPC but it should be much improved in 15.10 :slight_smile: