Mac users... what essential driver packages do you use?

In Welcome’s Getting Started section under Drivers, I’m thinking of adding some packages that will be useful for Apple Intel and (potentially) Apple “PowerPC” users too.

Feedback Wanted!

I’ve got a MacBook Pro (Early-2015, Retina) to test. It’s definitely a fairly new model and what works / doesn’t work on there may not work on other models or PowerPCs.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • macfanctld
  • Fan control daemon
  • MacBook / MacBook Pro
  • Throttles the fan according to temperature readings. Prevents overheating. :fire:

  • pommed
    • Apple laptops hotkeys event handler
    • MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / PowerBook / iBook
    • gpomme is a graphical frontend for this.
    • I find this isn’t needed. Hot keys for brightness/keyboard/volume generally work fine?
      • Can’t confirm the eject button though.

Apple Mac owners… please let me know if there is anything additional that you’ve installed that benefits/completes the performance of Ubuntu MATE on your Mac computer. Thanks!


I was looking for a fan control daemon for the Mac. I have a core duo iMac and once installed it automatically increased fan speed, it was very slight. I was in a quiet room and I heard the fan rev up.

The name of tool is misleading, it works on desktops as well.

Once installed I just did a man macfanctld and started reading.

Thanks for the Mac related tip.