Macbook Pro 2010 not booting after last upgrade

Hi everyone,

I was able to install Mate 22.x on my old Macbook Pro late 2010.
Previous version worked well, an error I had with the wnck-applet disappeared and I was able to use the wifi drivers from the standard packages, tricky but funny.

Unfortunately the last upgrade killed my system, it no longer boots. Error reading somewhere and just getting a prompt for an emergency shell.

I did the upgrade with synaptic, not sure if this has done something not appropriate for the hardware.

Maybe I need to take care of something non-standard before any upgrade. I’ve always trust on the default.

No clue what I may do at the emergency shell, the only options I know are, trying a recover from the master usb/iso or to reinstall from scratch. If there is any other option, It will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

maybe the disk/ssd has issues. You could run a filesystem check on the shell and that may or may not fix the issue. Usually the command is, fsck -y /dev/sda where sda is your disk.

That tells the command to accept yes (-y) and run a filesystem check on device /dev/sda. If your disk is a diff device, adjust.


Hi pavlos_kairis

Thanks so much for the suggestion. It did work but executed from the usb install drive. The emergency boot hadn't fsck.


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