Main user lost privileges; can't access Applications Settings

I am fairly new to Ubuntu Mate. I converted a Windows PC few days ago and I was really thrilled by U Mate until today.

After I install Dropbox (from the Welcome Screen) in the PC, my main user lost access to Applications (I can not see any application on the machine) and under System I can only Help, Lock Screen, About Ubuntu Mate and Logout.

I really do not understand this behaviour. If I log as a guest I can see all the applications and menus. What I did wrong? How I can revert changes and regain privileges on my main user? I already did remove Dropbox.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

Can you get into the Control Center and use Users & Groups to change permissions?.

Thank you for your help!

I could get to the Control Centre and then to Users and Groups through the Welcome Screen. I was able to change my user to Administrator but after a restart it still having the same privileges and I can not reach the applications. What does not make sense to me is that if I log as GUEST I can see all the settings, applications, etc.

I just created another account and this one does get full access . I can work with this user now but if there is a way to “unlock” the other I will appreciate your advice. If not then I will move all my files to the new account and move forward.

Thanks again for your attention and assistance.

The easiest way would be to save all your data and delete the user that was causing the problem, more info for you here:

and here:

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Thank you!!!

I will do that.