Make FLYING TOASTERS part of the defaults

Anyone remembers After Dark?

Am giving this a chance on this forum hoping that my request will gain user traction and endorsement:

Please add the Flying Toasters GitHub - torunar/flying-toasters-xscreensaver: Classic flying toasters 2D screensaver for XScreensaver part of any future UM releases.

Or would I be best to open a LaunchPad request for this to ever happen?

What do you guys think?

Ubuntu-MATE's screensaver isn't xscreensaver, with the following existing on the Ubuntu MATE noble daily

mate-screensaver	1.26.2-1
mate-screensaver-common	1.26.2-1

As far as I know, Lubuntu is the only flavor using xscreensaver by default (and has been for a few releases now).

Flying toasters is available in the repository right now by adding < xscreensaver-data-extra >


Thanks a lot for your replies.

I must admit that I am rather lost now when it comes to X11 vs Wayland. I understand that there was a period of transition between one to another. I also understand that xscreensaver-data-extra is not the same as mate-screensaver and co.

Leaving me with this question: what should be the proper alignment? Say we put on pink glasses for a moment and want to go for "all current".

Would it be fair to say that if a end user currently wishes to take advantage of all screensaver things when it comes to Ubuntu MATE that they should be installing all of the screensaver and xscreensaver packagers?

A bit of education would be greatly appreciated.