Make Plank show option to open new window or new tab - currently only minimizes running caja window

I use the plank dock, It doesn't have the option of right clicking on the caja launcher to open a new window or new tab. Don't want to switch to cairo-dock, want to keep using plank and it is what I want to use. Is there any way to add the option when right clicking or some other way for an optional new window?

Hi don't quite comprehend the question. Figured out how to get Plank and when I right click on the icon it says keep in dock and close. If I right click on anything in the window that it opens it offers open in new window. Seems like the icon opens the home folder so do you want it to present an option to choose a window versus right clicking on mickee and right click open in new window or possibly open in new tab? I'm probably missing something as don't use Plank.

in Ubuntu right click on the nautilus icon in plank offers to open a new window or a new tab and that functionality is missing from Plank in Ubuntu MATE. Thanks for helping me btw


Thanks for clarifying about difference in Ubuntu and Mate versions.

ctrl-click on a plank icon will open a new instance.


Perfect! Thanks for the info!

You're welcome!

Free bonus tip: Ctrl-RightClick anywhere on Plank brings up a little menu, with access to Preferences and 'quit' :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for that! Cool beans!