Making a Boot USB from Windows

I know about the guide on this site, but I didn’t find it very helpful as a Windows user.

I’m wondering what is the best program for making a MATE 16.04 boot usb drive for a Windows user? I tried Rufus, but it had to download two files to be able to make a disc for an OS that used this version of syslinux. I’m also not certain that all of the settings that I chose were correct.

Any insight on this process is appreciated, the usb that rufus prepared didn’t work on my laptop.

Pendrivelinux Universal USB installer (the download link is at the bottom of the page)

This is their direct download link

Another, less simple but definitely doable, way of doing it is to install the windows version of Virtualbox. Do the following, in order:

  1. Download a linux distro iso that has a built in USB creator software (Linux mint has a very easy-to-use USB creator built in)

2)Download and install virtualbox

  1. Install the extension pack into virtualbox

  2. Install the linux distro to a VM in virtualbox

  3. Fire up the VM and log into your VM linux distro

  4. Install the guest additions module (though, Linux Mint may already have it installed), then close your VM

  5. Go into your VM settings and allow it to be able to see your host’s usb drive and any stick you might put in it.

  6. Fire up your Linux VM again and plug in your host’s usb stick. It should now appear as an available drive in the VM.

  7. Inside your VM, download UM 16.04 ISO.

  8. Using the on-board USB creator software, burn your UM ISO to the USB stick

  9. Close the VM. You will now have a UM 16.04 ISO burned to your USB stick on your host machine

My very strong recommendation is that you use the pendrivelinux method. But, if you decide to go down the Virtualbox route, let me know on here and I will take you through it in more detail.

There’s a Windows version of UNetbootin available:

I use the linux version and like it, so I imagine the Windows version would work as well. :wink: