Manual partitioning with encrypted LVM & GRUB configuration during install

I just started test driving Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and it looks fabulous. I really like it - great work! Nevertheless, even great software has potential for further improvement. Here are some suggestions for features, that I missed during the installation:

  1. the “simple” partitioning should allow, similar to the OpenSUSE installer, the creation of a separate home partition inside an encrypted LVM as well as choosing the file system for root and home

  2. it would be great if the “simple” partitioning, when choosing encryption, would propose to create the unencrypted boot partition e.g. on a USB stick (and warn the user if this is not possible, e.g. because no USB stick has been plugged in)

  3. the manual partitioning is, in my opinion, some steps behind the functionality and advanced options provided by the OpenSUSE installer - especially with regards to the creation of an encrypted LVM, as I have not seen a way to create an encrypted LVM via the manual partitioning tool

  4. in comparison to the OpenSUSE installer I also missed the GRUB configuration - especially setting a password only for editing entries or the console