Manuskript versions

I am a newbie.
I'm using Ubuntu Mate 20.04.2 LTS and I was going to install Manuskript 0.10.0-1, from the "software" application.
But the Manuskript-0.12.0-1.deb version is available on the app's website.
Is it better to install the older one because it is in "software" or there will be no problems with the newer one? What do you think?
Thank you very much

Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE community!

It depends. Newer versions are usually more functional. You can read release notes for 0.11 and for 0.12 to compare them with 0.10 (released 2 years before, in 2019).
The 0.12 version is safe to use because of trusted origin (its developer).

To install this newer deb-version use commands below:

cd ~/Downloads
sudo apt-get install ./manuskript-0.12.0-1.deb

and test it.

If you have issues with 0.12 version, then you can install older 0.10 version from the official repository using command below:

sudo apt-get install manuskript=0.10.0-1

and use it.


I would, as suggested, go for the latest version 0.12 as it not only contains new features but also bug fixes. In case it would have issues/too many issues either file bug reports or revert to a previous version. Then again, no guarantee same bug is present in earlier versions ... or that you encounter "new" ones that was fixed in 0.12.