Many thanks guys

I’ve had Mate up and running for a week now, the more I use it the more I like it!
I guess because I used gnome from fedora core 1 Mate feels like an old friend, everything comes easy.
I found Unity unintuitive, workspaces swapped around on me windows got stuck halfway off the page, and at this age it’s hard to remember the names of the program you want to type into the dashpot.
I’ve had 2 minor problems, first was getting the sound working for skype, the standard audio control didn’t seem to be able to open the webcam mike. But installing the Pulse Audio control brought it up straight away.
The second is Google Earth and the missing dependency in 16, I’m wondering if anybody’s tried the windows version in wine, or is this a security risk?


You don't need the Wine version, just follow this guide to install GE in Ubuntu 16.04:

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Thanks again wolfman, that was easy, GE up and running

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